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Watch Danny Brown Disorient Coachella With Dizzying ‘Dope Song’

Danny Brown Dope Song Coachella

Danny Brown’s new album Old doesn’t yet have a release date, but he’s steadily thrown out crumbs of new material throughout the year. First was there was the typically stoned “Kush Coma,” and then the Diplo-spurned “#Express Yourself.” Now we have video of “Dope Song” from the second weekend of Coachella, a track that Brown has been playing at his shows this year. Possibly produced by U.K. dance maximalist Rustie, the track rides a booming keyboard melody that’s reminiscent of Yung Joc’s snap classic “It’s Goin’ Down.” If the spectrum of Danny Brown drug songs spans from abusing drugs to selling them, “Dope Song” slides much farther toward the latter end.

Unlike “Kush Coma” and “#Express Yourself” — whose final destinations are unknown — Brown did introduce “Dope Song” as a track off Old. That album is the follow-up to Brown’s breakthrough album XXX, which was SPIN’s Best Rap Album of 2011.