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CocoRosie Channel Dr. Dre Through the Looking Glass in ‘After the Afterlife’

'Tales of a GrassWidow' track eerily apes "The Next Episode"

Bianca and Sierra Cassady will open up a massive music box of creep for their forthcoming fifth album as CocoRosie, titled Tales of a GrassWidow. In February we heard the beautifully bleak and beatbox-driven “Gravedigress,” which verged on operatic at times. Now we have a second song to consider: “After the Afterlife,” which finds the sisters cooing enigmatic poems about piles of ash and snails crawling toward perfume. The duo’s hip-hop influence once again shines through via the production — a thrusting, synth and piano-powered beat that at times bears a striking resemblance to Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” In fact, if you go to this exact moment and hit refresh every time the bar ends, you’ll get G-funk through the looking glass — quite possibly a direct translation of the Los Angeles rap classic shot down the rabbit hole and beamed into Alice’s mushroom-cap headphones.

CocoRosie, Tales of a GrassWidow track list:

1. “After the Afterlife”
2. “Tears for Animals”
3. “Child Bride”
4. “Broken Chariot”
5. “End of Time”
6. “Harmless Monster”
7. “Gravediggress”
8. “Far Away”
9. “Roots of My Hair”
10. “Villain”
11. “Poison”

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