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Boards of Canada Commercial Reveals 10 Seconds of Music, Not Much Else

boards of canada commercial

Internet cockteases Boards of Canada added more gas to the album speculation fire with a what-else-but cryptic commerical that aired on Cartoon Network last night (April 27). As Pitchfork points out, CN’s vice president of strategic marketing and promotions Jason DeMarco confirmed on Twitter that the spot was in fact the real deal.

That the ad exists at all is the real news here; the commercial doesn’t offer much in revelations. Super-8 footage of dusty desert roads and decaying buildings roll by — a south western atmosphere befitting the rumored Spanish-language BoC album title, Cosecha. Around the 0:48 mark, Boards of Canada-like musical tones play before a mechanical voice speaks “699742,” and a title card with that familiar series of X’s and dashes appears. Though the six-digit code had previously leaked through NPR’s All Things Considered, the title card confirms its placement at the front of the unfolding cypher: 699742 / 628315 / 717228 / 936557 / —— / 519225.

Any C.I.A. code breakers out there care to level a guess yet?