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A$AP Rocky Wants Judge to Throw Out A$sault Charge

Charged with a$sault / Photo by Getty Images

We last saw A$AP Rocky partying out in the Dominican Republic with Skrillex, but not all is sunny in the world of the Harlem rapper. On Monday (April 22) his attorneys entered a motion to dismiss a suit filed by a man named Shenick Alcine, who is suing Rocky in civil court alleging that he was assaulted in a New York City clothing store last July. According to Alcine, he noticed Rocky doing drugs in the store and was then attacked by the rapper. Rocky maintains that he acted in self-defense.

Rocky copped a plea to a charge of attempted grand larceny in connection with the case, which stems from him snatching the cameras of paparazzi that were photographing the event. He served three days of community service and paid a fine of $250.