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Amy Winehouse’s Dad Doesn’t Care for Andre 3000 and Beyonce’s ‘Back to Black’ Cover


All indications are André 3000 and Beyoncé’s cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” will be awful. A 90-second snippet of the track from Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming The Great Gatsby film soundtrack hit iTunes yesterday, and SPIN called it “a FEMA-level disaster.” Never one to shy away from tossing his opinions to a morsel-hungry press, Amy’s father, Mitch, is offering his own criticisms. As NME points out, MItch Winehouse told the Daily Mail he’s none too chuffed about the OutKast rapper and Destiny’s Child diva’s slow-motion reworking of his daughter’s song. “I don’t think she brings anything to it,” he’s quoted as saying of Beyoncé. Mitch Winehouse also points out that although no one asked his permission, the team behind the cover did have to pay “a lot of money.” It would be great if the full cover turns out to be amazing and prove Mitch’s review wrong, but so far there’s little reason to be optimistic.

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