Too $hort Drank and Drove, Arrested for DUI, Possession, and Attempting to Flee

Too $hort Drank and Drove, Arrested for DUI and Drug Possession

Too $hort was arrested early Wednesday morning (March 20) in Los Angeles for having a little too much to drink… and fleeing from the police… and possessing narcotics.

The incident went down at roughly 3 a.m. PST at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Las Palmas Avenue, where the 46-year-old rapper was pulled over on what was initially a traffic violation, the Los Angeles Times reports. It was soon discovered that $hort was driving under the influence by the narrowest of legal limits, blowing a .09 blood alcohol content into a Breathalyzer, just over the .08 allowed by California law. Despite being just a shade over the legal limit, Too $hort reportedly attempted to flee from the officers but was ultimately apprehended when he tripped and fell. When Too $hort was finally cuffed and placed in the police car, it’s alleged that he then tried to dump an unspecified drug — TMZ calls them “narcotics” — in the back of the cruiser.

In the end, the Oakland rapper was charged with driving under the influence and felony drug possession. He’s still scheduled to perform at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia tomorrow night. In his nearly three-decade tenure as one of the Bay Area’s best rappers, Too $hort has had only a few brushes with the law. In 2009, he was busted for DUI in Las Vegas, and the following year he was arrested for battery after trying to beat up three bouncers following a gig in Boise, Idaho. Neither crime resulted in a jail sentence, although if you Google “Too Short” and “prison,” you’ll get some strange results.


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