Watch the Death Set’s Tribute to Their Departed Bandmate ‘I Miss You Beau Velasco’

After Death Set co-founder Beau Velasco passed away in 2009, his band of electro-punk party-crashers soldiered on with an excellent album (2011’s Michel Poiccard) and brave outlook, both of which paid tribute to their dear friend. Finally, “two years in the making,” they have released the ultimate tribute to a beacon of energy, a music video for the self-explanatory “I Miss You Beau Velasco.” Similar to the Johnny Cash video for “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” a parade of faces, famous and otherwise, appear to pay respect — including Santigold, Dan Deacon, Spank Rock, High Places, XXXChange, Japanther, Best Fwends, Trouble Andrew, Vice Cooler of XBXRX, and SPIN photographer Tod Seelie. Filmed up-close and personal, remembrances are tattooed and spraypainted, TVs are thrown, and friends celebrate Velasco’s memory with smiles and enthusiasm.

The Death Set will be down at SXSW to promote up an upcoming EP, due this year via Dim Mak.


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