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Hear Halasan Bazar’s Crunchy Psych Number ‘Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad’

Halasan Bazar

Halasan Bazar may hail from Copenhagen, but the Danish crew churn out that chiming sort of psychedelic fuzz-rock so often heard emanating from San Franciscan garages. Take “Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad,” for instance, where main man Fredrik Eckhoff fittingly sings with an ear to both pop and slack. Meanwhile his four bandmates deliver a blown-out bliss bomb of crunchy guitars, tambourine smacks, and humming organs. The group’s 2012 tape How to Ever Be Happy was a mellower affair, but Halasan Bazar relaunch on April 2 with their new album, Space Junk. Sample the first taste of the LP below, and look for more to chew on in the near future.

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Halasan Bazar, Space Junk track list:
1. “How Did We Get Here in the First Place?”
2. “You & I”
3. “Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad”
4. “Live Without Love”
5. “My Mind is Fixed”
6. “Stay”
7. “The Light of My Day”
8. “Wondering Why”
9. “Am I Blind”
10. “Shitzofranium”
11. “Ease Up”
12. “Agent Lateur’s Gone” (Bonus Track)