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Watch a Freaky Flaming Lips Trailer: Wayne Coyne Explains ‘Look…The Sun Is Rising’

The Flaming Lips

As you might expect from the album’s title, the Flaming Lips’ The Terror  isn’t exactly a musical joyride, and things get bumpy right from the beginning. 

In a new video, Lips frontman Wayne Coyne delves into the meaning of the LP’s opening track, “Look…The Sun is Rising,” explaining that a new day can be just as much of an entry into repetitive drudgery as a fresh beginning. That entrancing darkness makes for some seriously bleak, intensely involving new music, and you can hear snippets of each of The Terror‘s nine tracks in the blurry, disquieting album trailer, seen below, for the band’s 13th studio effort, which is due out April 16.