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Watch Young Prisms’ Wistful Dream-Pop ‘Runner’ Video

Young Prisms

Young Prisms spent chunks of last year on the road with Dum Dum Girls and Tamaryn, and the woozy dream-pop of 2012’s In Between neatly merges the former group’s bubblebum directness with the latter’s tidal pull. As our own Melissa Giannini poetically put it, “Sun-bleached gazers shed some reverb and slowdive into Mazzy waters.” The new video for In Between‘s “Runner” focuses on free-spirited youths whose innocent revelries are juxtaposed now and then with images of a thoughtful little boy and an unlucky silver-haired man. The effect is sort of like what you might imagine a road trip with Dum Dum Girls and Tamaryn could be like. Beautifully stoned good times tinged with paranoiacally stoned awareness that this, too, shall pass.