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Vampire Weekend’s Cryptic ‘MVOTC’ Tumblr GIF Explained (Sort of)

The initials of the album title, so we leveled some guesses

Vampire Weekend’s LP3 looms large on the horizon, even though it still doesn’t have a name.

One of our 50 Albums You Gotta Hear in 2013, the band’s third full-length hits the U.S. on May 7 via XL Recordings, and there’s plenty else we do know about it: It may very well feature a sprawling track unofficially called “Arms,” which VW debuted in Sydney in January. There’s also “Unbelievers,” a jaunty song premiered on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! last November. And the band exclusively told SPIN’s David Bevan that this record is “from-the-gut” and features a lot of “organic sounds and a lot of performance.” (Read the full in-depth interview here: In the Studio: Vampire Weekend Talk ‘Instinctive’ Spring 2013 Album.)

LPs’s final unknown (what it’s called!) may soon come into focus, too. On Vampire Weekend’s official Tumblr today (February 1), the band posted a mysterious GIF that many consider to be a hint at the new album title.

Yes, it’s Friday afternoon, but the graphic is still fairly easy to parse:

VW = Vampire Weekend
LPIII = Third album
MMXIII = 2013
XL = Label
MVOTC = probably the initials of the album’s name

So, without further ado, here are our 10 completely unsubstantiated guesses as to what MVOTC will stand for:

1. My Valentine Ordered Takeout Chinese
2. Martha’s Vineyard on the Cape / on the Coast / or the Cosmos / Over the Controversy 
3. Mr. Volleyball Observes the Castaway (<— Wilsooooon!)
4. Mangled Veins, Oh, the Cruelty!
5. More Viagra Over the Counte
6. Marvelous Vision on the Cross 
7. My Very Own Talking Cat (<— very likely)
8. Michael Vick Offered the Canines (<— very unlikely)
9. My Voice Off the Chain 
10. Man, Vampire Owns the Cyberspace