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Hear Pure X’s Shadowy, Sprawling ‘Things in My Head’

Pure X 'Things in My Head' Crawling Up the Stairs Download

Austin groove-gazers Pure X piqued our interest in 2011 with Pleasure, “ten tracks of gorgeously distorted, lo-fi pop” that “glides languidly enough for ’90s slowcore” but which overcomes the trappings of any specific era. On May 14, the Texan trio returns with Crawling Up the Stairs, via Acephale Records, which songwriter Nate Grace conceived while recovering from a serious leg injury sans medical insurance. Perhaps that helps explain the languorous sprawl and myopic title of “Things in My Head,” an early taste of the new one that finds the group beautifying their dark sound even further. Stream and download the song below, and get to know Crawling‘s track list below that.

Pure X, Crawling Up the Stairs track list:
1. “Crawling Up the Stairs”
2. “Someone Else”
3. “Written in the Slime”
4. “I Fear What I Feel”
5. “Things in My Head”
6. “Shadows and Lies”
7. “I Come From Nowhere”
8. “Never Alone”
9. “How Did You Find Me”
10. “Thousand Year Old Child”
11. “Rain at Dawn”
12. “All of the Future (All of the Past)”