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Hear the Postal Service’s Never-Before-Heard ‘A Tattered Line of String’

Because it’s the band’s one and only album, the Postal Service’s 2003 poptronica gem Give Up, feels like a perfect specimen. The LP, which Sub Pop is re-releasing as a Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition on April 9, has no skippable tracks; it was never weighed down by a flabby follow-up. But perfect albums are delicate things. Postal Servicemen Jimmy Tamborello and Ben Gibbard’s “A Tattered Line of String” is more straightforwardly sensual and giddy than much of what’s on Give Up. Would its playfulness have fit in with the rest of the Postal Service’s material ten years ago? Hard to say. Either way, we’re glad to have it now, if only because the song’s existence (and that of the reissue’s 14 other bonus tracks) means the band’s upcoming live shows will likely be longer then the length of Give Up!

The track is available for purchase with pre-order of the reissue now!