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See Highasakite’s Moody ‘In and Out of Weeks’ Clip

Highasakite 'In and Out of Weeks' Video EP

Norway’s Highasakite is that rare band whose knack for glistening pop is matched by their ability to tap into the experimental other. The group initially began as a duo, between singer-zitherist Ingrid Helene Håvik and drummer Trond Bersu who met while studying at their country’s Trondheim Jazz Conservatory. “We fell in love, but he was always gone, playing in bands,” Håvik says “I was in bands as well. We thought we’d have more time together if we started our own group.” But rather than a casual touring unit, their outfit became a formidable beast as they added personnel and fleshed out their vision: a deeply resonant mix of Phil Spector-style pop, Norwegian folk and moody electronics. “In and Out of Weeks,” which hails from a March 5 EP of the same name (courtesy of Propeller Recordings), is built atop skittering rhythms and terse ambience as Håvik sings, “I dreamt of landscapes as they weren’t there / But I’ll stand and stare.”