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Stream Airstrip’s Grimy, ‘Nightmare Pop’ Debut ‘Willing’

The North Carolina foursome's first LP, from top to bottom, in advance of its vinyl release next week on Holidays of Quince

After the dissolution of Veelee, his promising girl-boy pop duo, Raleigh, North Carolina’s Matthew Park set out to start something new. And in recruiting John Crouch and Nick Petersen — who also comprise the rhythm section of black metal lifers Horseback — Park starting developing a blend of garage-ready “nightmare pop” far more sinister and sludgy than the Research Triangle would have expected from him. On the foursome’s debut full-length, Willing, ’90s-indebted guitar rock signifiers abound. But this time around, they’re coated in a film of grime. That’s what happens when you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

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