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No Doubt Christen Jimmy Kimmel’s New Time Slot With ‘Hella Good’ Performance

no doubt, jimmy kimmel

No Doubt helped late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel usher in his new era at 11:35 p.m. last night (January 9) with bouncy performances of “Hella Good,” off 2001’s career-highlight Rock Steady as well as reunion album Push and Shove‘s title track. For the inaugural Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode (which, as the New York Times notes, marks the official beginning of a three-way late-night war between all the traditional broadcast networks), the always party-ready Anaheim foursome jumped, ran, and shimmied across an outdoor stage, all while dolled up in black-and-white formal wear. Frontwoman Gwen Stefani cheated on the dress code — there are those famous abs! — but the Vogue cover star kept her coattails on for the fat-bottomed strut of “Hella” and dubstep-reggae pop cocktail “Push and Shove.”