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Listen to Endless Boogie’s Gonzo Epic ‘Taking Out the Trash’

Endless Boogie

Everything about Endless Boogie is inherently, intentionally ridiculous, but these New York City hard rock barbarians, they’ll wear you down. The veteran band’s upcoming Long Island, out February 19 via No Quarter, offers more of their mesmerizing blues-based zonkoid magic. “Takin’ Out the Trash” is particularly brutal in the way it lumbers along ceaselessly, the groove so perfectly measured that the smallest change — a snaking guitar lick here, a cymbal smash there — assumes epic proportions. All the while, singer-guitarist Paul Major snarls gonzo interjections like “I done dropped the torch!” It’s the kind of stuff that you start off listening to with a smirk, only to wind up gape-jawed, lost in the Endless Boogie.