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A Hard Saturday’s Night: Paul McCartney’s ‘SNL’ Highlights

paul mccartney, saturday night live, chris farley, andy samberg

Sketch: “Opening Monologue” (Paul Rudd)
When: December 11, 2010
McCartney followed that “Platinum Lounge” appearance by crashing host Paul Rudd’s opening monologue to help with some good ol’ comedic misdirection. Sorry, bruh, when all those starstruck fans outside Studio 8H were chanting “Paul! Paul! Paul!” it wasn’t because they were stoked to see How Do You Know. But maybe that person who yelled out “Yesterday!” really was referencing the NPR interview you did the day before.

Sketch: “Weekend Update” (Seth Meyers)
When: December 11, 2010
SNL head writer Seth Meyers enlisted the Liverpool native to reenact the exchange between Prince Charles and Camilla when their car was attacked by protesters in 2010. Meyers plays Charles while McCartney takes on a frazzled elderly woman’s voice (definitely not his best vocal work) to imitate Ms. Parker-Bowles. Note: This skit may not accurately reflect the events that transpired.

Sketch: “Stumblin'” (SNL Digital Short)
When: December 11, 2010
Get past this irritating Samberg short‘s first half and you’ll see one of the most lauded songwriters of all time decked out in a crushed velvet blazer and Seinfeld-style puffy shirt, singing over a riff of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away.” And then he plays a solo on a tiny harmonica — seriously. 

Musical Performance: “Band on the Run”
When: December 11, 2010
Because “Red Hooded Sweatshirt” and “Stumblin'” can’t be the only songs we reference on this list.

Sketch: “Job Fair” outtake
When: December 11, 2010
Unfortunately, this web-exclusive outtake didn’t make the live broadcast, so TV viewers missed out on Rudd’s unsettling-yet-charming Jeff Lipman, “an accredited uncle” who maintains seven magazine subscriptions, is well-versed in CD-ROMs, and is the co-owner of a tuxedo. McCartney doesn’t top that character work, but it’s fun to see him wear a piano key tie and play a hideously ponytailed musician from Liverpool looking for work. The tiny harmonica callback doesn’t hurt, either.