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Flavor Flav Arrested for Knife Assault at Las Vegas Home

Booked on assault with a deadly weapon, domestic battery

Public Enemy hypeman and reality TV personality Flavor Flav, born William Jonathan Drayton, Jr., was arrested at his Las Vegas home this morning after allegedly assaulting someone with a deadly weapon, according to TMZ. Flav’s fiancee allegedly called police after an argument between the 53-year-old and an unidentified teenager, possibly her son, grew heated.

The gossip site’s law enforcement sources say Flav threatened one person with a knife and “battered” the other one, though it’s unclear who was attacked with what exactly. He was picked up at 3 a.m. and booked on felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence, and is being held on $23,000 bail.

Flav, who SPIN photographed performing with Public Enemy at Treasure Island over the weekend, lives in a gated Vegas community with fiancee Liz, her son Gibran, and their boy Karma. The family was featured in the third episode of Celebrity Wife Swap in January, in which Liz traded places with the spouse of Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider. As many sources have noted, the rap legend and bowling aficionado didn’t come off so well.

Flav began having run-ins with the law as a teenager, initially for robbery and burglary. He’s struggled with substance abuse throughout his life and has entered rehabilitation multiple times. He pled guilty to assaulting the mother of three of his children, Karen Ross, in 1991, and was briefly imprisoned after firing a gun at his neighbor in 1993. In May of last year, he was arrested on a handful of warrants for various driving offenses.

Also, on a lighter note, this happened: