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Wild Cub Embark On Moonlit Adventure In ‘Drive’ Video

Wild Cub's 'Drive' Video

Listen to “Drive” by Nashvillian duo Wild Cub and you’re instantly transported to the front seat of an old ride, cruising the empty streets of a big city after dark. The feeling comes not only from the sound of the song — the sleepy ease of that sprawling guitar, the steady pace of the beaten tambourine — but from the very first words: “We turn the radio on, we roll the windows down.” The Fort Ripper-directed clip below doesn’t stray far from the obvious theme, but that’s just the way it should be. A couple sets off on an all-night adventure that results in fireworks both literal and figurative, and when they wind up on the beach after the sun’s come up, they carry the magic of their late night together with them into the day. It’s a sweet piece — romantic, simple, comfy. “Drive” hails from the pair’s recently released debut Youth which is streaming on full on the duo’s Bandcamp page. Film composer Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bollock recorded the LP in the latter’s home-turned-studio, running everything through an old TASCAM 4-track to some of the texture that you’ll hear below or on any number of dates they’re scheduled to open this month for Sondre Lerche.