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DJ Die, Christophe, and Joker Unite as Sure Thing: See the U.K. Dance Supergroup’s Flickering ‘Holding You Tight’ Clip

Sure Thing's 'Holding You Tight' Video

If even a stalwart dubstepper like Skream can occasionally dip into disco, then why shouldn’t a junglist like DJ Die get to do the same? Working alongside Futureboogie’s Christophe in the Bristol supergroup Sure Thing, he does just that. “Holding You Tight” (Gutterfunk) a new single featuring contributions from drummer Desi Rogers, guitarist William Cartwright, and singer Chloe Lang, is a perfect pastiche of early-1980s electro-boogie, right down to the Zapp-styled talkbox effects. Joker brings his psychedelic G-funk on keyboards, rounding out a crew that unites players from Bristol’s house, jungle, and dubstep scenes.

Check out the video below, which provides an appropriately simulacral counterpart to the song’s Is-it-live-or-is-it-Memorex? qualities, right down to the star wipes and flickers of VHS static. Backed with an instrumental version, the single will come out early next month.