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Stream Mungolian Jetset’s Moody, Melancholy ‘Mungodelics’

Mungolian Jetset

Norwegian psych-disco progtronica weirdos Mungolian Jetset are resurfacing for their fourth record, Mungodelics, a hearty, cohesive combo of remixes and not-really-remixes and hopelessly original music that drags their cheery dance music into danker basements. Meaner, gloomier and more infectious than ever, MJ has branched out into post-punk-fueled future funk (“Ghost in the Machine”), spacious night drives seeming powered by Detroit techno (“Smells Like Gasoline”), and, most beautifully, shimmering Reichian marimba circles that sounds like Music For 18 Musicians and Two Bass-Hungry Norwegians (“Toccata”).

This thing drops on August 21 via Smalltown Supersound, but you can start the party early with our complete stream below!