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Hear the Latest EP From Skrillex’s OWSLA: Koan Sound’s ‘The Adventures of Mr. Fox’

Koan Sound

Bristol duo Koan Sound is the latest bass cannonball fired from Skrillex’s OWSLA label, and sure enough one of the funkiest things you’ll hear this year outside of Mouse on tha Track or Antibalas. The grooves on their upcoming EP, The Adventures of Mr. Fox, are wide and lurching, obsessed with ’80s exercise videos and retromaniacal drum sounds. Our favorite is “Eastern Thug,” which has got the robot headbanger grooves of contemporaries like Skrillex and Kill The Noise, but with a distinctly ’90s mosh pit feel — we’re geeked on the piano lines straight outta Downward Spiral-era Nine Inch Nails and the sly build-ups of Prodigy’s Music For the Jilted Generation. Gnarly!