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Stream Nachtmystium’s Black Metal Battering Ram ‘Silencing Machine’

"A fuckin' black metal record," says leader Blake Judd

Nachtmystium, one of American black metal’s most polarizing and adventurous bands, has returned with their sixth album, the relentless Silencing Machine. After a pair of controversial albums toying around with pan-genre “meddle” experiments (blending their blood-spattered blur with psych-rock, sax solos, synth-pop, post-rock, and even a pair of disco songs), they’re back with some no-bullshit, no-frills, no-mercy black metal of the grimmest caliber.

With frontman Blake Judd’s sandpaper roar in full effect, Silencing Machine is a perfect blizzard of blasts: occasionally churning into head-knocking bleak-rocking, occasionally peaking out the speakers until everything blurs into a dizzy aggro-trance. There’s at least one thrash-ravaged guitar solo (“And I Control You…”), one Motörhead-in-Antarctica gush (“Reduced to Ashes”), and one piece of savage distorto-grunge (“Borrowed Hope and Broken Dreams”).

Devour the whole thing in one nauseating gulp below!