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Listen to Robert Pollard’s 447th Great Song This Year, ‘Who’s Running My Ranch’

Robert Pollard

Seems weird to say that 2012 could be the most impressive year of Bob Pollard’s patently ridiculous career, but after two way-better-than-anyone-could-have-expected — and criminally under-the-radar — Guided By Voices albums already out, and a third one due by the time you’re finished reading this probably, a solid solo album would be the cherry on top of a sundae you didn’t even know you ordered. This echo-laden, vaguely psych-rock track from the forthcoming solo outing Jack Sells the Cow sounds, somewhat counterintuitively given the history of Pollard’s swollen discography, a bit more produced than a lot of the new GBV stuff, and could ably serve as a salute to fellow Ohioans and next-gen lo-fi purveyors, Cloud Nothings. As a bonus, you can download “Who’s Running My Ranch,” too.