Listen to Brodinski’s Steely ‘Nobody Rules The Streets’

Brodinski / Photo by Dimitri Barclay

Judging by his name, you might expect France’s Brodinski (Louis Rogé) to be yet another pusher of fist-pumping mayhem, but his FabricLive.60 mix late last year proved that he’s interested in more than just Marshall stacks turned up to 11. Casting a wide net, it took in Axel Boman’s woozy house, Tomas Barfod’s tropical disco, and Objekt’s dark, pumping garage along with all the buzz and menace we’ve come to expect from French electro.

Brodinski’s Bromance label, launched late last year, has provided plenty of dark drama, however. Featuring tracks from Gesaffelstein, Pipe, G. Vump, and the Bro-man himself, the label’s first two split singles paid homage to smoldering EBM and goth-tinged acid house, and a new double-A-side is no less ominous. Paris’ Club Cheval dive into vampire trance with “Now U Realize,” while Brodinski sinks his teeth into a steely, minor-key throb reminiscent of Black Strobe’s necrotic electro of the late 1990s. Los Angeles’ Louisahhh!!! provides the song’s hook, purring, “Nobody rules the streets like me” against a backdrop of wailing sirens. No bro is going to challenge her on that.



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