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Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara Gets Attacked by a Tree

Cute Without the Tree

If someone wrote yet another Final Destination screenplay, this time set in the Michigan backwoods, Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara’s audition would be flawless: the singer was minding his own business, having a cigarette outside a rural studio this Saturday where he and the band were recording, when in a biblically epic gust of wind, a tree toppled over, trapping him and breaking his leg. The tree was too heavy for the rest of the band to lift, so the fire department was called and ended up having to saw the thing to bits. (The tree, not his leg.) It’s like Bon Iver cabin-gone-horribly wrong.

Once Lazzara’s gam was safely casted, naturally the next step was for the band’s rep to send some gnarly photos (including a couple that inform fans that Lazzara has grown a massive beard) to TMZ. Dude, either God doesn’t want you smoking, or TBS fans pooled their karmic vibrations and attempted to will you the hell back into the studio to continue recording. Or you could just have terrible luck. Either way, you better MakeDamnSure you stay clear of greenery for the remainder of those recording sessions.