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First Spin: Download Siinais’ Dreamy ‘Marathon’

Siinai are a Finnish band deeply indebted to the atmospheric rock of ’70s German acts like Harmonia and Tangerine Dream. The group’s debut album, Olympic Games, bowed in Europe last year, but it’s set to hit these shores on February 21 via Splendour Records. “Marathon,” our first taste of that record, is a wordless rocker that brings in tendrils of shoegaze noise over that unmistakable krautrock chug.

Siinai’s music has already caught the ear of at least one influential fan: Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug, who is releasing an album with the band this spring as part of his Moonface project. Moonface’s With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery is due out on April 17 via Jagjaguwar. Moonface will handle the vocals. The hypnotic, subtly shifting repetition thing? Yeah, the Siinai dudes have that covered.