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Crocodiles Drop Polished Lo-Fi ‘Sunday’ From June Album

Stick with Crocodiles, and you’re guaranteed no bullshit. The Brooklyn lo-fi crew have announced their third record, Endless Flowers, and it’s definitely coming — practically tomorrow, in Fiona Apple terms: just three and a half months away, on June 6. To reassure us, they’ve also dropped the first single, which is available now across the interwebs, including as a download below (via Beatsperminute).

The lo-fi, floppy track, "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)," nods to someone else’s song with the line "you wear it like a crown." It could be the Eagles’ "Get Over It" ("You drag it around like a ball and chain/you wallow in the guilt, you wallow in the pain/you wave it like a flag, you wear it like a crown"), or, perhaps more likely given Crocodiles’ wheelhouse, Carissa’s Wierd’s "Ignorant Piece of Shit" ("Everyone is getting screwed/well, if the shoe fits, then put it on/wear it like a crown") or even, in a stretch, Tool’s "The Grudge" ("Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity"). Or, the line could just be a tired lyrical cliché. (Since we loved the San Diego-native, now-Brooklyn-based band’s debut and sophomore records, we’re hoping it’s more the former.) Still, it’s a pretty awesome indication of what’s to come from the long-blossoming band. Like bandmember Brandon Welchez’s wife Dee Dee’s band Dum Dum Girls recently did with the help of producer Richard Gottherer, it’s clear Crocodiles may be polishing their fuzz for a little more widespread appeal.

Flowers drops June 5 in the U.S. via Frenchkiss, and June 6 in the UK, courtesy of Souterrain Transmissions, the latter of which is also the home of EMA, whose recent charity video/single we totally dug.