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Video Premiere: Bleached’s Sun-Streaked ‘Searching Through the Past’


Three months after we heard Bleached’s latest song for the very first time, “Searching Through the Past” still sounds so good. For the single’s sun-streaked, Molly Schiot-directed visual, the sisters Clavin (Jessica and Jennifer, formerly of L.A. punk outfit Mika Miko) got the hell out of town, rode horses, chased tumbleweeds, and snuck into a graveyard. We repeated, the band snuck into a graveyard to shoot this thing. Read Jennifer’s account below!

“We had to wake up at 4 a.m. to get to Santa Clarita by 5 a.m. for sunrise and got to see the eclipse on the way up. Originally we had wanted horses in the video so that’s why this spot was chosen. There was a graveyard there I had known about, but didn’t know if we would be able to get in it. We did by crossing a barbed wire fence and climbing a huge hill. When we got up there the gates swung open on their own. By the last shot my heel had completely broken off so I was balancing on one heel trying to make it look normal. My sister and I agreed that climbing over mountains in four-inch heels is the hardest workout we’ve ever had.”