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Hear Beck Remix Feist’s ‘How Come You Never Go There’


No matter where you go, there you are. Beck has remixed Feist’s “How Come You Never Go There,” and though he just about completely changes the mellow Metals shuffler’s direction, they both end up about the same place: tantalizing understatement.

The mononymous alt-popsters previously worked together a couple of years ago, on a cover of Moby Grape-Jefferson Airplane acid casualty Skip Spence’s 1969 psych-folk classic Oar for Beck’s Record Club project. This time Beck Hansen swaps out Leslie Feist’s richly organic arrangement for choppy electro-funk, with oompahing horns, skittering drums, and distended snippets of Feist’s vocals. “You’re an instrumental tune,” comes the singer’s husky croon — this isn’t, quite, but it works similarly, emphasizing space and feel over melody.

Feist suggested this morning via Twitter, “Find the biggest stereo you have and play this as loud as you can.” Sounds good to us. Just be sure to listen closely for those Prince-ly falsetto backing vocals. In the case of those, at least, Beck goes there.