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M.I.A. Releases Chilling Winehouse Tribute Song


M.I.A. responded to Amy Winehouse’s tragic death this weekend by releasing new music. The Sri Lankan rapper unveiled a track titled “27,” which is dedicated to “all my friends” who died at that young age. “R.I.P A.M.Y,” she posted on her Twitter, along with a link to the tune. The unfinished demo was recorded around the time of her mixtape Vicki Leekx, but released only now. Hear it here.

It is a haunting tribute to Winehouse and other rock stars (Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix) who died at 27. (They are commonly referred to as the “27 Club.”) Over minimal production and chilling synths, M.I.A. recalls trying to help out a friend whose addictions have sent him over the edge. “You blew that money on a mountain of drugs,” she sings, “And staged yourself a bed-in / A month later when I popped in / You were still high but the winter set in.”

Hear It: M.I.A., “27”