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PREMIERE: Sexy Chromeo Remix by Cobra Starship


Just when you thought Montreal electro duo Chromeo couldn’t get any funkier, they do — and a little bit yacht-rocking, to boot. Thanks Cobra Starship!

The New York City synth-pop quintet remixed “Hot Mess,” from Chromeo’s last album, 2010’s Business Casual, and scored the exclusive premiere. The results are truly seductive: Cobra Starship add saxophone, sexy-smooth synths, and velvety vocals from frontman Gabe Saporta.

Chromeo’s Dave 1 explains the collabo: “I’ve known Gabe for years. Yet as we were completing our album a year ago, I had no idea that Cobra Starship already had a (pretty huge) song called ‘Hot Mess.’ We didn’t want to change our title. So I hit him up to joke about it and he said, ‘It’s all good, just let us remix your track.’ The remix is the farthest thing from what I imagined those guys would come up with. Yacht-rock mania, anyone? A sax intro? An ’80s Mentos commercial feel-good chorus? This isn’t the Cobra Starship you know. This is them wearing white pants and no socks.”

Adds Saporta: “We knew that we needed to produce an equally smooth remix to whisk us away on smooth sails. After running into Dave on the street, [Cobra guitarist] Ryland [Blackinton] came into the studio beaming after hearing how much Dave liked the track. I’m really psyched that Dave gave use the chance to do this. It’s by far one of the most interesting things we’ve done, and it was a blast.”

LISTEN: Chromeo, “Hot Mess (Cobra Starship Remix)”