1.The Desert Will Rock


This year's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival -- taking place April 15-17 in Indio, CA -- boasts one of its most talented lineups yet. SPIN's editors have picked 25 must-hear acts from the three-day bill, including megastar Kanye West, blues rock juggernauts the Black Keys, Grammy darlings Arcade Fire, dance-pop diva Robyn, and Odd Future, the one hip-hop act you need to discover in 2011.


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Preview by Peter Gaston

2.The Desert Will Rock


This year's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival -- taking place April 15-17 in Indio, CA -- boasts one of its most talented lineups yet. SPIN's editors have picked 25 must-hear acts from the three-day bill, including megastar Kanye West, blues rock juggernauts the Black Keys, Grammy darlings Arcade Fire, dance-pop diva Robyn, and Odd Future, the one hip-hop act you need to discover in 2011.


And be sure to visit SPIN.com throughout the festival weekend for the best Coachella reviews and photos on the 'net, updated daily. You can also get instant updates via @SPINmagazine and @SPINfestivals on Twitter.

NEW! Download SPIN's 10-song mixtape for Coachella!

Preview by Peter Gaston



HOMETOWN: Los Angeles

WHY THEY MATTER: If recent SXSW hype is any indication, then these rap misfits are in for a big year. One of SPIN's Next Big Things and led by the smooth-flowing, insect-eating Tyler the Creator, this collective is just as interested in street art, pop culture, and skateboarding as being big in the hip-hop game.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: One of the group's most exciting members, Earl Sweatshirt, is missing in action. The MC behind the provocative-bordering-on-obscene single "Earl" has been out of the Odd Future circle for months. Rumors suggest he might be in boarding school, or juvie. Will Coachella mark his return to the fold?

WATCH: Odd Future, "Yonkers"



HOMETOWN: Manchester, England

WHY THEY MATTER: The Chems have been part of Coachella since its inaugural year in 1999, when they were listed just under Beck at the top of the festival's bill and helped make dance music an integral ingredient in the desert festival's palate. And while many dance acts struggle to make their sound and vision massive in person, the Chems put most rock bands to shame with their eardrum-pummeling, synapse-overloading live show.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Further, the duo's 2010 album, was released with an accompanying DVD of visuals, custom fitted to the sonic shape of every song. Expect to experience a supercharged version of these at the festival.

WATCH: Chemical Brothers, "Swoon"



HOMETOWN: Hereford, England

WHY SHE MATTERS: The 24-year-old singer-songwriter's debut, Lights, was one of the biggest breakouts in the UK last year, selling almost 400,000 copies. Now that the record has been repackaged as Bright Lights with additional songs, Goulding is poised to take on America, with SXSW and Coachella serving as her launching pads.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: While Goulding's chart success has been abundant, her biggest hit to date was a cover of Elton John's classic ballad "Your Song," which went to No. 2 in England.

WATCH: Ellie Goulding, "Guns And Horses"



HOMETOWN: Providence, Rhode Island

WHY THEY MATTER: The noise-rock duo scrapped two albums since their last effort, 2005's Hypermagic Mountain, before reemerging in 2009 with Earthly Delights. But this band is best enjoyed live — their spastic gigs having been the stuff of legend (albeit mostly small scale) since they formed at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1994.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Drummer-vocalist Brian Chippendale is also a comic artist, and released an 800-page book in 2010 called If N' Oof.

WATCH: Lightning Bolt, Live Footage




WHY HE MATTERS: It's a big deal to be the voice behind any year's most fantastically fun single. To do it twice -- that's just "Crazy." Thanks to "F*ck You," all of its G- and PG-rated versions, and, yes, Gwyneth and Glee, Cee Lo owned the second half of 2010, and started off 2011 with an iconic performance at the Grammys, where he also took home a trophy. Coachella kicks off a summer-long victory lap for the silky-voiced crooner.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Coachella was the launchpad for Gnarls Barkley, Cee Lo's collaboration with Danger Mouse. In 2006, the band had their official launch of sorts inside a packed Coachella tent, with the entire group dressed like characters from The Wizard of Oz. Cee Lo was the Cowardly Lion.

WATCH: Cee Lo Green, "It's Ok"



HOMETOWN: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

WHY THEY MATTER: While they're still up-and-comers on the dance scene in North America, this duo plays to big crowds at home in Brazil, and their semi-tropical, super sexy electro house grooves will certainly get booty shaking at Coachella, one of the best festivals for dance music in the world.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The pals, who first broke through via their remix of M.I.A.'s "Boyz," are called the Twelves because they share the exact same birthday: July 12, 1980.




WHY THEY MATTER: It's always a big deal when you've got someone from the Clash onstage. Mick Jones put out more albums as the leader of Big Audio Dynamite than he did with the Clash, and now he's reuniting B.A.D. for their first shows in more than a decade. Expect selections from the band's '80s catalog, plus their early '90s crossover hits like "Rush" and "The Globe."

YOU SHOULD KNOW: BAD's 1986 album, No. 10, Upping Street, was co-written and co-produced by Jones' Clash bandmate Joe Strummer.

WATCH: Big Audio Dynamite, "The Globe"



HOMETOWN: Montreal

WHY THEY MATTER: The dance-rock duo's 2004 album, You're a Woman, I'm a Machine, was totally smashing, a raucous mash-up of grungy guitars, sandpaper-y electronics, and boozy bravado. But they disbanded five years ago, nearly as quickly as they flashed onto the scene, until earlier this year when they played their first show in ages at SXSW -- and basically caused a riot.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Since the guys split in 2006, Jesse Keeler focused his time on his electronic act MSTRKRFT while Sebastien Grainger embarked on a solo career.

WATCH: Death from Above 1976, "Black History Month"



HOMETOWN: Melbourne, Australia

WHY THEY MATTER: The quartet's latest, Zonoscope, is tailor-made for a late-night performance at Coachella's palm tree-lined polo grounds, with a decidedly tropical vibe joining forces with the Aussies' sleek synth pop. And after kicking off their tour with a primetime slot at Miami's Ultra Music Festival, the band is clearly ready for Coachella's limelight.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Despite the sunny vibe of Zonoscope, it was recorded in the dead of winter in an unheated Melbourne warehouse -- yes, it does in fact get cold in Australia. "We were just kind of locked in there by ourselves, and we couldn't have had it sounding how it sounds without us going in there," multi-instrumentalist Tim Hoey told SPIN.

WATCH: Cut Copy, "Need You Now"



HOMETOWN: Los Angeles

WHY THEY MATTER: What started as a laptop project for Cameron Mesirow has turned into something much more grand. The singer's ethereal, whimsical pop sound on her debut, Ring, has been fleshed out into a stunning live spectacle, with band members from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Foreign Born, and other L.A. outfits helping Glasser become a breakout smash at this year's SXSW.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Mesirow's musical roots are, in part, genetic. Her dad is a founding member of Blue Man Group, and a song by her mom's band, Human Sexual Response, is referenced in the Rage Against the Machine song "Tire Me."

WATCH: Glasser, "Mirrorage"

13.!!! (CHK CHK CHK)


HOMETOWN: Sacramento, California

WHY THEY MATTER: When this dance rock collective played Coachella in 2004, it was about 110 degrees at 1 P.M. And while the crowd was on the verge of melting, frontman Nic Offer would have none of it, and coaxed fans at the Outdoor Theater stage into some brunchtime calisthenics that turned the entire day around.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Among the band names that the outfit considered back in 1996, when they formed: Piranha Pants, Totally Wired. "Our label is still trying to get us to change our name," Offer recently told SPIN. "I think they've got some sort of system where the employee who eventually convinces us to change it gets a big bonus."

WATCH: !!!, "Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass"



HOMETOWN: Stockholm, Sweden

WHY SHE MATTERS: The platinum-haired pop star reinvented herself, after breaking through in the late-'90s as a teenager with the bubble gum hit "Show Me Love." Now she's making some of the edgiest, most exciting dance pop around, and her Body Talk album has been a breakout smash, culminating with her headline gig at NYC's Radio City Music Hall earlier this year.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Robyn recently guest-starred on Gossip Girl (following Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani), performing her song "Hang With Me" at Blair Waldorf's cocktail party.

WATCH: Robyn, "Dancing On My Own"




WHY THEY MATTER: In a landscape where record sales are way down, Mumford & Sons' Sigh No More recently achieved platinum status in the U.S., selling over 1 million copies. Their folksy sound resonated with fans of all genres and ages -- "I refuse to analyze our appeal," Marcus Mumford told SPIN, "but we don't try to be anything we're not."

YOU SHOULD KNOW: One of the most charming elements of this band is their DIY ethos. When they visited the SPIN office last year to play an afternoon unplugged set, bassist Ted Dwane literally rolled his giant double bass half a mile from the nearby venue where their equipment was set up.

WATCH: Mumford & Sons, "The Cave"



HOMETOWN: Montreal

WHY THEY MATTER: There aren't 10 bands whose careers began since 2000 that can comfortably headline a North American music festival. Thanks to the exceptional album The Suburbs, its No. 1 chart debut, and their Grammy win (and performance), Arcade Fire have officially joined the ranks.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: In 2005, the band played a sunset closing-night set at Coachella's Outdoor Theater, where the crowd swelled beyond capacity, forcing the festival to fire up the stage's video screens early. The iconic performance, which featured Richard Reed Parry scaling the stage's lighting rig to bang on it with drumsticks, is beautifully chronicled in the 2006 Coachella documentary.

WATCH: Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs"




WHY SHE MATTERS: Despite only putting out five albums over the course of her 15-year career, Badu remains one of the most fearless talents in pop music. While she emerged in the late '90s neo soul era, her recent output, particularly 2010's New AmErykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh, has been in a league all its own, expanding the boundaries of what listeners expect from R&B.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Badu stirred up controversy last year when she stripped down to her birthday suit in the video for "Window Seat," which she filmed guerilla-style in Dallas' Dealey Plaza, site of the JFK assassination. She was cited for disorderly conduct and paid a $500 ticket.

WATCH: Erykah Badu, "Window Seat"



HOMETOWN: Oxford, England

WHY THEY MATTER: Over only two albums, this British quintet has ranged from tense, skittish electro-funk on their Dave Sitek-produced debut to more expansive, anthemic rock on their follow-up, which spawned a song, "Spanish Sahara," that's been used in loads of TV shows -- and just picked up "Track of the Year" honors at the UK's NME Awards.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Foals release their albums in the States via venerable Seattle indie label Sub Pop, which means a ton to the group. "The first bands I got into were Seattle grunge bands," frontman Yannis Philippakis told SPIN. "To think we're on the same label is pretty sweet."

WATCH: Foals, "Blue Blood"




WHY THEY MATTER: "Seminal" is a word used far too often, but when applied to this British quartet, it's entirely appropriate. Their shape-shifting catalog ranges from straightforward punk to fuzzy post-rock that pre-dated and led to the shoegaze movement and wispy synth-rock. They've influenced everyone from Guided by Voices to Spoon to LCD Soundsystem, and continue to pump out engaging material into their fourth decade.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: At a 2009 rock'n'roll karaoke party in NYC, Spoon's Britt Daniel covered Wire's "1 2 X U" onstage -- and it was pretty awesome, a rager moment for the notoriously smooth frontman. Watch it.

WATCH: Wire, "Eardrum Buzz"



HOMETOWN: Corscombe, Dorset, England

WHY SHE MATTERS: With this year's Let England Shake, Polly Jean Harvey uncorked one of the best albums of her career, a rapturous and, at times, abrasive examination of war and violence in the world. Her Coachella set is one of only four appearances in the U.S. scheduled for 2011.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Harvey is releasing videos for every song on the new album, in collaboration with director Seamus Murphy. Watch them all.

WATCH: PJ Harvey, "The Words That Maketh Murder"



HOMETOWN: New York City

WHY THEY MATTER: After creating immense demand for their cooler-than-everyone rock'n'roll during a five-year hiatus, the quintet is back, playing the biggest shows of their career now that their strongly-charting, impressively diverse fourth album, Angles, is finally in stores. At SXSW, the band was tight and focused, with frontman Julian Casablancas' appeal becoming "based more on the fact that he actually sounds like he gives a fuck," wrote SPIN's Charles Aaron.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Aside from one gig at NYC's Madison Square Garden, the only place to catch the Strokes in 2011 -- as of now -- will be at festivals: They're booked for Coachella, Maryland's Sweetlife (May 1), JazzFest in New Orleans (May 7), Tennessee's Bonnaroo (June 9), plus gatherings abroad in Spain, Portugal, and Japan.

WATCH: The Strokes, "Under Cover of Darkness"



HOMETOWN: Birmingham, England

WHY THEY MATTER: These glam-tastic synth-pop stars of the '80s never really went away in the '90s and '00s, but they weren't able to recapture the magic of breakthrough singles like "Rio" and "Hungry Like the Wolf" -- until now. The just-released All You Need Is Now, produced by Mark Ronson, finds the band returning to their fun-loving form, and feeling decidedly free-spirited after ending their long relationship with EMI.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The guys celebrated the March release of All You Need Is Now with an L.A. gig that was streamed live online and directed by avant-garde filmmaker David Lynch. Watch highlights from the show.

WATCH: Duran Duran, "All You Need Is Now"



HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh

WHY HE MATTERS: By the end of 2011, the 23-year-old MC might be the next huge thing in hip-hop. His 2010 single "Black and Yellow" has totaled almost 60 million plays on YouTube, was one of the most purchased digital singles of the year, and is the anchor track on his just-released album, Rolling Papers.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The Pittsburgh Steelers adopted "Black and Yellow" as their anthem during their march to the 2011 Super Bowl. But it didn't have the magic to push them through to a title, as the team fell to the Green Bay Packers.

WATCH: Wiz Khalifa, "Roll Up"



HOMETOWN: New York City

WHY THEY MATTER: Both A-Trak and Armand Van Helden are big names in their own right, the former as head honcho of Fool's Gold Records and a renowned hip-hop beatsmith, the latter as a club-crushing DJ worldwide. But teaming together as Duck Sauce, they crafted "Barbra Streisand," one of the year's catchiest singles.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The song's music video, which has been played nearly 50 million times on YouTube, features cameos from Kanye West, Chromeo, Diplo, Questlove, and many more musicians from A-Trak & Armand's robust Rolodexes.

WATCH: Duck Sauce, "Barbra Streisand"



HOMETOWN: Akron, Ohio

WHY THEY MATTER: A decade of toiling on the road and the studio paid off in 2010 for Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, with Brothers becoming one of the year's runaway hits and the duo collecting three Grammys. Now expanded to a four-piece for parts of their set, the boys' sound is even more festival-ready -- and they proved it with standout appearances at Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza last year.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Carney had a rough transition into the headliner class at Lollapalooza, playing in front of 50,000. "I melted down onstage," he told SPIN. "I didn't fuck up or play poorly, but the whole time I felt like I was going to pass out." But after visiting a hypnotist, he's got it sorted for 2011.

WATCH: The Black Keys, "Howlin' For You"




WHY THEY MATTER: While Oasis, Blur, and, to some degree, Pulp reached more listeners worldwide, Suede -- known for legal reasons as "the London Suede" in the U.S. -- wrote some of the most dynamic music of the early '90s Britpop era. 2010 found the band, led by teardrop-haired frontman Brett Anderson, playing their first gigs in seven years, and as they head to America for Coachella, they're pondering recording their first album in nearly a decade.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: While he's not part of the live band now, founding guitarist Bernard Butler helped Suede assemble their 2010 Best Of collection, and has become a producer of note, working on Duffy's Grammy-winning debut Rockferry and Kate Nash's My Best Friend Is You.

WATCH: The London Suede, "Positivity"




WHY HE MATTERS: Is there a more provocative, rule-breaking artist on the planet? His 2010 opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was the best album of the year, on which he " ascends the throne of not just music, but the entire cultural realm, his narcissism riding surly shotgun as he relishes the riches, veneration, and, yeah, the 'light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands' afforded by such a position," to quote SPIN music editor Charles Aaron.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: At March's South by Southwest, Jay-Z popped up with Kanye at a jaw-dropping, semi-secret show on the festival's closing night, offering another tease of their much-discussed collaboration, Watch the Throne. Will Hova return to Coachella, after ruling the main stage in 2010?

WATCH: Kanye West, "All of the Lights"