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JT’s New Track, Cee Lo & Gwyneth Collabo + More

Plus: Jay-Z and Chris Martin hoping to record together, Watch Kanye West's leaked video for "Monster."

  • A purported unfinished Justin Timberlake demo titled “Take You Down” has leaked online. The track features production by the NeptunesPharrell and Chad Hugo. [Some Kind of Awesome]

  • After Gwyneth Paltrow performed a G-rated cover of Cee Lo’s “Fuck You” (reworked as “Forget You”) on Glee, the two are now hoping to collaborate. “We’ve been considering a few things,” says Cee Lo. “It’s a little too early to commit to a statement and I won’t ruin the surprise because whatever we’re going to do will be extra cool.” [E!]

  • Jay-Z and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who have long been pals, are hoping to record music together. “If he’ll allow me,” says Jay-Z. “Any time you can collaborate with that sort of genius, you jump at the chance, I don’t care who you are.” [BBC]

  • Ariel Pink, Japanther, Amazing Baby, and the Yeah Yeah YeahsNick Zinner will team up for a concert dubbed The Rock & Roll Circus Party in New York City on January 3 and 4. The performance – featuring bands playing alongside contortionists, jugglers, and other circus acts – will pay tribute to the Rolling Stones’ memorable 1968 two-day event Rock and Roll Circus. [Rock & Roll Circus Party Official Site]

  • Check out an unofficial leaked version of Kanye West’s new video for “Monster,” featuring Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z, below.