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Metallica to Release Live Album!

The metal titans celebrate the end of their two-year-long Death Magnetic world tour with eight-song EP.

Metallica have been touring non-stop in support their album Death Magnetic since a kickoff gig in Phoenix, AZ, on October 21, 2008. That’s almost two freakin’ years. The band will finally close out their trek with a string of gigs in Australia and New Zealand this fall, and to honor the moment they’re releasing a live EP of songs recorded during their pasts visits Down Under.

On September 20, the limited edition EP Six Feet Down Under will hit Aussie and Kiwi record stores, and will drop online via

In a post to their website, the metal titans explained that they turned to fans for help compiling bootlegs for the eight-track set. “We realized that we did not start making multi-track recordings of every show until 2004… But you guys, the fans, came to our rescue with some pretty decent bootleg options and we trimmed those down to two songs from each tour in 1989, 1993, 1998, and 2004.

“In digging a little deeper, it occurred to us that we had tracks that had never before been released as ‘live b-sides. That added to the adventure of pulling it all together.”

The album features classics like “Eye of the Beholder,” “…And Justice For All,” “The Unforgiven,” plus an acoustic version of ReLoad ballad “Low Man’s Lyric.”

“A few of these songs are, well, we’ll say ‘rough,’ which may be an understatement!” read the post. “They do, however, capture the live moments and hopefully you’ll have as much fun listening as we did playing on those nights.”

Metallica’s live EP tracklist:
–“Eye of the Beholder” (Recorded live on May 4, 1989 at Festival Hall in Melbourne)
–“…And Justice For All” (Recorded live on May 4, 1989 at Festival Hall in Melbourne)
–“Through the Never” (Recorded live on April 8, 1993 at the Entertainment Centre in Perth)
–“The Unforgiven” (Recorded live on April 4, 1993 at the National Tennis Centre in Melbourne)
–“Low Man’s Lyric (Acoustic)” (Recorded live on April 11, 1998 at the Entertainment Centre in Perth)
–“Devil’s Dance” (Recorded live on April 12, 1998 at the Entertainment Centre in Perth)
–“Frantic” (Recorded live on January 21, 2004 at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney)
–“Fight Fire With Fire” (Recorded live on January 19, 2004 at the Entertainment Centre in Brisbane)