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LISTEN: Banhart, Beck Movie Soundtrack Collabo


Director Todd Solondz is know for his dark, satirical tales from American suburbia (Welcome to the Dollhouse). Among his fans are Beck and Devendra Banhart, who collaborated on the title track for his latest movie Life During Wartime. Banhart just posted the song online — listen below!

In an email to, Banhart called Solondz “one of the great luminaries,” and said that Solondz penned the song’s lyrics, they sang, and composer Marc Shaiman wrote the music. According to IMDB, Life During Wartime is about “friends, family, and lovers [who] struggle to find love, forgiveness, and meaning in a war-torn world riddled with comedy and pathos,” and the song captures that sentiment.

“I try to forgive / I try forget / I try not to relive what makes me upset,” Banhart croons over a gloomy lullaby of acoustic guitar, strings, and piano, as Beck adds background vocals.

The film, which is the sequel to Solondz’s 1998 release Happiness, is currently playing in select theaters.

What do you think of Beck and Banhart’s track “Life During Wartime”? Listen below, then tell us in the comment section!

WATCH: Devendra Banhart & Beck, “Life During Wartime”