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Update: Fall Out Boy Downplay Breakup Chatter


The internet maelstrom about the future of Fall Out Boy, sparked by Patrick Stump’s statement to on Tuesday that he’s no longer in the band, took a subdued — and decidedly funny — turn in the past 24 hours, as bassist Pete Wentz joined a Twitter chorus that included Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, guitarist and girl-magnet John Mayer, and even Wentz’s wife, singer-actress Ashlee Simpson.

“It’s in the same place it ever was,” Wentz tweeted at a fan this morning about his band’s status. “For me, I’m just a really negative person. Yes, there is a chance it’ll work out, or not.”

“We[‘re] in the exact position we were when we decided to take a break,” Wentz added, referencing the band’s decision last November to put Fall Out Boy on the shelf for an undetermined period of time.

“I love FOB,” drummer Andy Hurley tweeted at one fan. “It will always be fun for me.” And, later: “I want to give definitive answers too, but sometimes it’s not that simple.”

A spokesperson at Crush Management, who represent Fall Out Boy, echoed Pete’s tweet, telling this morning that there’s no change in the band’s status.

Nor is there a change in the band’s sense of humor. “Open try outs for Fall Out Boy,” Wentz tweeted last night. “Notice: contestants will be filmed and sent to an island of 14 year old girls where they will be voted off.” Later, he suggested an FOB-Jersey Shore collabo.

Meanwhile, Mayer and Hoppus, both friends of the band, Tweeted about the FOB hubbub:

“For the record: as of right now, I am also quitting Fall Out Boy,” Hoppus wrote, to which Mayer said, “I am replacing Mark Hoppus in Fall Out Boy,”

Later, Mayer added: “As de facto leader and bass player of Fall Out Boy, I am thrilled to announce Queensryche’s Geoff Tate is our new singer.”

Hoppus answered: “As of this moment, I am replacing John Mayer in the band ‘John Mayer.'”

Then Simpson joined in the Twitter fun: “OK, OK, I joined Fall Out Boy. The rider is white candles and caviar. We’re playing Lilith Fair … Argh, I quit Fall Out Boy too.”


What do you think? Is this all much ado about nothing, or is there real trouble in Fall Out Boy’s camp? Sound off below.