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Exclusive Song: New Music From Priestess


It’s been three years since fire-breathing quartet Priestess released their last album, 2006’s Hello Master. Now they’re back, and if new track “Ladykiller” is any indication, the Montrealers want blood.

Taken from the upcoming Prior to the Fire, due in February, “Ladykiller” is a thrashy tale of revenge against a serial killer, highlighted by some seriously slicing guitar solos and precise riffing.

“We set out to write a theme song for Jack the Ripper,” explains Priestess frontman Mikey Heppner. “We knew there was plenty of competition in the songs-about-serial- killers field — Judas Priest did ‘The Ripper’ and Iron Maiden did ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ — but I think we took things into our own realm.”

Decide for yourself. The download is below.

LISTEN:Priestess, “Ladykiller”(DOWNLOAD MP3)