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Watch: Panic! at the Disco’s New Music Video


The new, slimmed-down-by-half iteration of Panic! at the Disco make their video debut with “New Perspective” from the Jennifer’s Body soundtrack and thus answer rockdom’s most burning question: What ever will they wear?

Casual classic-rock duds from their Pretty. Odd oh-my-god-you-guys-the-Beatles period? Crushed velvet jackets and arm garters like turn-of-the-century riverboat blackjack dealers a la their first album with the really long song titles? Anoraks? Silk kimonos with fluffy bunny slippers?

If you were guessing “black suits and ties and shades like the guys in Reservoir Dogs or maybe Men In Black,” then well-played. Lone remaining Panickers Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith walk through a high school hallway-Urie lip-synchs his vocals, Smith just looks happy to have somewhere to be-in these natty duds, intercut with scenes from the Diablo Cody-scripted flick. Hey, look, Megan Fox is making out with Amanda Seyfried. They just threw that in there like we wouldn’t notice.

Spoiler alert: Seems Megan Fox’s character eats people or something. Well, at least she can’t say, “Honest to blog!” with her mouth full. Enjoy.

WATCH: Panic at the Disco, “New Perspective”