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Malajube, ‘Labyrinthes’ (Dare to Care)

The French-language-only policy of grandiose Montreal indie band Malajube might be distracting if frontman Julien Mineau’s vocals weren’t so gauzily blended together with all the kinetic sounds around them. In fact, English speakers might just do what they do when confronted with Sigur Rós: make up their own semi-sensical phrases and sing along anyway. For undulating album opener “Ursuline,” I tried “Open up, listen when it’s yours / We’ll all sue my heart”-which worked out great. Nothing here quite matches the effusive, quirky “Montreal -40C” from 2006’s Trompe-l’oeil, but “Luna” sounds like Animal Collective gone mainstream and “Dragon de Glace” sambas with Air — both fine rues to traverse, oui?