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New Song: David Byrne Parties with Brazilian Girls


Sometimes the best way to respond to a record label’s demands is to act creatively — and that’s exactly what NYC dance-poppers Brazilian Girls did when their label requested an English-language version of “I’m Losing Myself,” from their 2008 record, New York City.Instead of merely going through the motions and re-recording the tune, they got former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne to contribute new vocals.

“We immediately resisted the suggestion [from the label],” Brazilian Girls frontwoman Sabina Sciubba tells “Then we thought of David with unadulterated enthusiasm. Besides being fans of his, we felt we were very compatible musically and the song was perfect for him. We sent him the files and he recorded between tours. We work a lot over the internet like that — its amazing how that works nowadays.”

Take a listen below to the funky re-working, featuring Byrne’s sung-spoke lyrics about, well, losing oneself while chasing the globetrotting rock’n’roll lifestyle.

LISTEN: Brazilian Girls and David Byrne, “I’m Losing Myself”