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SPIN Picks: 8 Undiscovered Bands Worth a Listen

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Recently, SPIN and music community website Sonicbids teamed up to bring worthy new bands the attention they deserve. Tonight at midnight (EST), Boston radio station WFNX will broadcast the fourth installment of the SPIN/Sonicbids Emerging Artists’ Showcase, featuring eight cool unsigned bands from around the world, hand-picked by staffers from more than 500 submissions. (Tune in to 101.7 FM in the Boston area or listen live online via Scroll down to meet these up-and-comers, snag a song from each, and click their website links to find out more!

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Hometown: New York, NY
Recommended if you like… Bloc Party, Nada Surf
Why we picked them: Jabbing, post-punk guitar and fuzzy, spoken word verses give way to a delicate, even pretty, indie pop chorus.
Links: MySpaceListen: Overnight, “I Know”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

Paul Avion & Par Avion

Hometown: Los Angeles
Recommended if you like… Weezer, Voxtrot
Why we picked them: Featured song “Fibromyalgia” is pure mid-’90s L.A. nerd rock, but this band also shows a deft touch with winsome Britpop and lite-electronica.
Link: MySpaceListen: Paul Avion & Par Avion, “Fibromyalgia”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

Ivan Ives

Hometown: Los Angeles (via the USSR)
Recommended if you like… Jurassic 5, De La Soul
Why we picked him: With soulful beats and clever samples that hearken back to hip-hop’s ’90s heyday, this Russian expat deserves to get in the game.
Link: MySpaceListen: Ivan Ives, “Got It”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

Brite Lite Brite

Hometown: Boston, MA
Recommended if you like… The Knife, Lykke Li
Why we picked them: Twitchy, Scandinavian-sounding electro-pop imbued with urgent, even desperate, vocals.
Link: MySpaceListen: Brite Lite Brite, “Sky Turns Red”(DOWNLOAD MP3)


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Recommended if you like… Sonic Youth, Pixies
Why we picked them: This band’s shouty, raucous noise rock is both aggressive and relentless, only slightly softened by guitarist Andrea Havis’ backing vocals.
Link: Official siteListen: Susu, “Sawtooth”(DOWNLOAD MP3)


Hometown: Seattle, WA
Recommended if you like… Garbage, Shiny Toy Guns
Why we picked them: Where many electronic acts synthesize, Auto Tune, and otherwise digitally enhance vocals, there’s no doubting the inherent soul of Beehive singer Butterfly Beats.
Link: MySpace | Official siteListen: Beehive, “Pretty Little Thieves”(DOWNLOAD MP3)

Stranded Conqueror

Hometown: Chicago/Switzerland/U.K.
Recommended if you like… Idlewild, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
Why we picked them: A globetrotting, Swiss-born frontman named Patrick crafted these heavy, post-shoegaze hooks in the U.K. and Chicago.
Link: MySpaceListen: Stranded Conqueror, “Fooled”(DOWNLOAD MP3)


Hometown: New York, NY
Recommended if you like… Snow Patrol, Travis
Why we picked them: These lads might hail from the Big Apple, but they are well-equipped to churn out bombastic, emotional arena rock balladry.
Link: MySpaceListen: Echosuite, “Disarmed”(DOWNLOAD MP3)