Radiohead’s First Three Albums Reissued with Extras


In 2007, Radiohead stepped away from their longtime label, Capitol, and moved on to more independent pastures. Luckily for Capitol, the major label’s ownership of Thom Yorke and Co.’s back catalog means they can issue and re-issue their discography until the cash stops rolling in.

Which is exactly what they’re doing: On March 24, Capitol will reissue Radiohead’s first three studio albums — 1993’s Pablo Honey, 1995’s The Bends, and 1997’s OK Computer — in two and three-disc “Collectors Editions.”The first disc of every release will feature the original album in full, with the second disc devoted to rarities and live tracks. In addition, the “Special Collectors Editions” will include a DVD featuring live performances and music videos for fans’ viewing pleasure.

Check out the tracklist (it’s long!) for the reissues below. And while you’re at it, stream tracks from the three forthcoming reissues to grab a sneak preview of these fully-loaded reissues.


Pablo Honey (Collectors Edition) Tracklist:
Disc 1
1. “You”
2. “Creep”
3. “How Do You?”
4. “Stop Whispering”
5. “Thinking About You”
6. “Anyone Can Play Guitar”
7. “Ripcord”
8. “Vegetable”
9. “Prove Yourself”
10. “I Can’t”
11. “Lurgee”
12. “Blow Out”

Disc 2
1. “Prove Yourself” (Demo)
2. “Stupid Car” (Demo)
3. “You” (Demo)
4. “Thinking About You” (Demo)
5. “Inside My Head”
6. “Million Dollar Question”
7. “Yes I Am”
8. “Blow Out” (Remix)
9. “Inside My Head” (Live)
10. “Creep” (Acoustic)
11. “Vegetable” (Live)
12. “Killer Cars” (Live)
13. “Faithless, The Wonderboy”
14. “Coke Babies”
15. “Pop Is Dead”
16. “Banana Co.” (Acoustic)
17. “Ripchord” (Live)
18. “Stop Whispering” (US Version)
19. “Prove Yourself”
20. “Creep”
21. “I Can’t”
22. “Nothing Touches Me”

Pablo Honey (Special Collectors Edition) DVD:
Music Videos:
“Anyone Can Play Guitar”
“Pop Is Dead”
“Stop Whispering”
Top of the Pops (9/16/93):
The Astoria, London — Live (5/27/94):
“Prove Yourself”
“Stop Whispering”
“Anyone Can Play Guitar”
“Pop Is Dead”
“Blow Out”

The Bends (Collectors Edition)Tracklist:
Disc 1
1.”Planet Telex”
2.”The Bends”
3.”High And Dry”
4.”Fake Plastic Trees”
6.”(Nice Dream)”
8.”My Iron Lung”
9.”Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was”
10.”Black Star”
12.”Street Spirit (Fade Out)”

Disc Two
1.”The Trickster”
2.”Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong”
3.”Lozenge Of Love”
4.”Lewis (Mistreated)”
5.”Permanent Daylight”
6.”You Never Wash Up After Yourself”
8.”Killer Cars”
9.”India Rubber”
10. “How Can You Be Sure?”
11. “Talk Show Host”
12. “Bishop’s Robes”
13. “Banana Co.”
14. “Molasses”
15. “Just”
16. “Maquiladora”
17. “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”
18. “Bones”

The Bends (Special Collectors Edition) DVD tracklist:
Music Videos:
“High And Dry (UK Version)”
“High And Dry (US Version)”
“Fake Plastic Trees”
“Street Spirit (Fade Out)”
The Astoria, London – Live (5/27/94)
“Black Star”
“The Bends”
“My Iron Lung”
“Fake Plastic Trees”
“Street Spirit (Fade Out)”
2 Meter Session, Holland (2/27/95)
“My Iron Lung”
“High And Dry”
“Fake Plastic Trees”
“Street Spirit (Fade Out)”
Later With Jools Holland (5/27/95)
“The Bends”
“High And Dry”
Top Of The Pops
“High And Dry” (3/9/95)”
“Fake Plastic Trees” (6/1/95)”
“Street Spirit (Fade Out)” (2/1/96)”

OK Computer (Collectors Edition) Tracklist:
Disc 1
2.”Paranoid Android”
3.”Subterranean Homesick Alien”
4.”Exit Music (For A Film)”
5.”Let Down”
6.”Karma Police”
7.”Fitter Happier”
9.”Climbing Up The Walls”
10.”No Surprises”
12.”The Tourist”

Disc Two
“Paranoid Android” B-sides
1. “Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)”
2. “Pearly*”
3. “A Reminder”
4. “Melatonin”

“Karma Police” B-sides
5. “Meeting In The Aisle”
6. “Lull”
7. “Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix)”
8.”Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia Mix)”

“No Surprises” B-sides
9. “Palo Alto”
10. “How I Made My Millions”
11. “Airbag (Live In Berlin)”
12. “Lucky (Live In Florence)”

BBC Radio One Evening Session (5/28/97)
13. “No Surprises”
14. “Climbing Up The Walls”
15. “Exit Music (For A Film)”

OK Computer (Special Collectors Edition) 2CD+DVD
Music videos:
“Paranoid Android”
“Karma Police”
“No Surprises”
Later With Jools Holland (5/31/97)
“Paranoid Android”
“No Surprises”


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