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Luomo, ‘Convivial’ (Huume)

On his fourth album, Luomo (a.k.a. Sasu Ripatti, the Finnish electronic minimalist who also records as Vladislav Delay) stays true to the course he began with 2000’s Vocalcity, which announced itself as “the next chapter in house.” Dub-disco bass, wax-paper drum hits, and powdery synthesizers chug away, channeling an alternate ’90s where nobody forgot how to dance. But his songwriting has grown more ambitious, as has his choice of guest vocalists: Berlin’s emo-leaning techno-popper Apparat conjures Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore at his most heartbroken (“Love You All”), while Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears brings surprising gravitas to the frothy “If I Can’t.”



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