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Springhouse Reunite in Philadelphia

After a six-year absence, the New York dream-pop trio impress Philly fans with new tunes.

For just the third time in six years, wistful New York romantics Springhouse reunited Saturday night, playing to devout fans at Philadelphia’s Johnny Brenda’s venue.

This time around, the band — drummer Jack Rabid, who is also the founder of music mag The Big Takeover, vocalist/guitarist Mitch Friedland, and multi-instrumentalist Larry Heinemann — not only returned with fresh vitality, but excellent new tunes to boot.

Springhouse started their set with an extended instrumental that broke into “Asphalt Angels,” a shimmering song off 1993’s Postcards From the Arctic.

However, the trio didn’t waste any time before delving into material from their new album, From Now to Okay, including stunning tracks such as “Passion” (a self-reflective tune about restarting a band), “Moving Van,” “Time Runs Out,” and “Never Impossible.”

The new material’s tuneful melodies melded intuitively with Springhouse’s selections from years past, and moved an initially skeptical crowd to become completely locked in on the music.

Springhouse — who never really gained the attention they deserved during their early ’90s heyday — may be poised for success the second time around thanks to their splendid new tracks and undying (and evidently growing!) fan base.

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Springhouse / Photo by Ken Norcross

Springhouse / Photo by Ken Norcross

Springhouse / Photo by Ken Norcross

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