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Forgive Durden


What? For every rock concept album that’s great (The Who’s Tommy, Pink Floyd’s The Wall), there have been too many that aren’t (Rush’s 2112, Coheed and Cambria’s No World for Tomorrow). But the risk of failure hasn’t stopped Seattle, WA’s Forgive Durden from creating their own musical epic, Razia’s Shadow: A Musical. Featuring a roster of guests that reads like a who’s who of the emo community — including members of Panic at the Disco, Saves the Day, the Hush Sound, and the Matches — Razia’s Shadow is an ambitious project whose songs and singers aren’t all perfect but showcase a real talent beginning to blossom.

Who? Formed by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Thomas Dutton in 2003, Forgive Durden soon self-released two EPs, 2003’s Bandages & Royalty and 2004’s When You’re Alone, You’re Not Alone, before signing to pop-punk label Fueled By Ramen for 2006’s Lewis Carroll-referencing Wonderland. Prior to beginning work on Razia’s Shadow, guitarist Thomas Hunter, drummer Andy Mannino, and bassist Jesse Bauer (Dutton’s former schoolmate) left the band due to personality conflicts, leaving Dutton as the only remaining member. He then enlisted the help of his brother Paul, as well as Gatsbys American Dream drummer Rudy Gajadhar, to flesh out his elaborate musical.

Fun Fact: As movie buffs, underground boxing fanatics, and homemade-explosive-enthusiasts might have guessed, Forgive Durden takes their name from the protagonist of the popular book and film Fight Club, Tyler Durden.

Listen! Forgive Durden, “Life Is Looking Up”