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Eagles of Death Metal, ‘Heart On’ (Downtown)

When Josh Homme slithers into his Baby Duck persona as drummer for Eagles of Death Metal, he’s giddily set free, unfettered by the pillaging, Viking-frontman duties of Queens of the Stone Age. Started as a ’70s pastiche with singer-guitarist (and childhood pal) Jesse Hughes, the group move far beyond spoof on their third album, creating some of the rudest rock’n’roll since Johnny Thunders first stuck a lit cigarette in his pouty mouth and aimed notes at David Johansen’s Adam’s apple. The title track is funk filtered through broken glass, while “I’m Your Torpedo” is a swashbuckling ride on Sticky Fingers‘ tongue. QOTSA may be rock at the edge of the abyss, but Heart On vaults right over, taking flight on an updraft of woozy audacity and shuddering riffs.