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New Catfish Haven MP3: “Set in Stone”

The Windy City’s garage-soul saviors are back with their first new outpouring of impassioned material since 2006’s breakout LP Tell Me and two subsequent years of workmanlike touring. “Set in Stone” — streamable below and soon-to-be-iPod-ready when Devastator is released on Oct. 7 through Secetly Canadian — picks up where the trusty trio left off but elevates things to an even greater plan of soulful salvation.

“Stone” gets set with an ants-in-your-pants J.B.’s riff, fortifying its funkdafied intent with a gospel chorus of backup singers (the superlative Tina M. Howell and Avery Young) who tease with a bit of “ooh way ooh” and buoy frontman George Hunter’s prefectly anti-polished throaty urging to “open up the gates for me.” Bassist Miguel Castillo, meanwhile, supplies everything short of a wah-wah show-and-dance while dutifully ducking in and around Hunter’s effectual healing.

And in the background, drummer Ryan Farnham steadies time like he was its keeper. Until, that is, about midway through, when he steps to the forefront and synchronizes a performatively pregnant pause, letting everyone wipe their brow before Hunter’s wail reconvenes with the lead riff for one more ass-shaking go-round through the song’s inspired implorations.

Now Hear This: “Set in Stone”