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The Melvins’ Sonic Sludge Invades Brooklyn


It doesn’t really matter who’s actually in the Melvins, or the last time you bought a Melvins album. If you like the Melvins, you’re going to head out and see them, and that was exactly the case last night (Aug. 13) at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg: A sea of black shirts and black hair gathered under the venue’s dim lights, representing all levels of Melvins experience, from seasoned veterans to excited young fans.

Tonight, frontman King Buzzo and drummer Dale Crover – the only two constant members of the Melvins — were joined by members of fellow Seattle rockers Big Business: bassist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis joined the Melvins in 2006, collaborating on the album (A) Senile Animal.

But first, the full lineup of Big Business bit into the Music Hall with livid drum and bass guitar cacophony. On guitar was Toshi Kasai, a newcomer to the group, but a solid fit. They performed mostly from their new album, Here Comes the Waterworks, stirring up a mosh pit with tracks like “Grounds for Divorce” and “Just as the Day Was Dawning.”

But the Melvins were the main attraction, with King Buzzo standing in his familiar black tunic, sporting his infamous electric shock of hair. Jared, of Big Business, took the left side in a seersucker suit and hat, looking like a menacing version of Skipper from Gilligan’s Island, while Crover and Willis backed up on separate drum kits. All together, they rang off numbers from the band’s latest album, Nude With Boots, including the title track, as well as “The Kicking Machine” and “Billy Fish.”The Melvins then surprised fans with a heady cover of the Who’s “My Generation,” and rifled off classic favorites like “Honey Bucket” and “Blood Witch,” before ending the night with their anthem, the stark “Boris,” bringing gloomy closure to an all-around dark and heavy night.

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King Buzzo / Photo by Damien Neva

King Buzzo / Photo by Damien Neva

Melvins bassist Jared Warren / Photo by Damien Neva

Melvins’ twin drum kit. / Photo by Damien Neva

Melvins drummer Cody Willis / Photo by Damien Neva

Melvins drummer Dale Grover / Photo by Damien Neva